Selling a house AS-IS in Greenville S.C.


Home repairs can cost a fortune and sometimes not make sense for a homeowner to take down the projects themselves. What are the other options on the table? The average Real Estate Investment company buys properties at fair prices that can easily make more sense to a seller than it would be to entertain even going down the dark hole of getting bids/quotes and scope of work to fix up a house themselves before selling it.

Selling a property AS-IS happens every single day across the country. Investors know how to evaluate a property in minutes with their teams and can provide a value in this process being a quick easier solution!

Finding a reputable Real Estate investment company can be confusing. There are so many of them out and sometimes they are misunderstood because they work in a way homeowners aren’t used to. Which is good! They ask different questions that traditional real estate agents don’t concern themselves with and are also equipped to pay cash and close in days not months!

One of the top Real Estate Investment companies in Greenville South Carolina is Their team really knows how to take care of the clients they buy houses from before, during and after the process. They really go above and beyond to make sure everything gets done in the fastest, simplest order and with Integrity at the core of their values as a company!

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Some of the zip codes that the team at M & T Restoration commonly buys in across South Carolina,

29601 29603 29605 29607 29611 29614 29616 29602 29604 29606 29609 29612 29615