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We are professional local house buyers here in the Greater St. Louis area serious about buying your house. It is our mission to bring value, and achieve a win-win solution for both. We promise to provide you with a fair offer, work fast or on your timeline, and provide 100% transparency through the process.  If you need to sell your house fast for cash, then look no further!
– Jake & Brian, Freedom Path Investors

Owners of Freedom Path Investors Brian and Jake have beamed into the limelight in the St. Louis real estate market! This power team has crafted a calculated and repeatable process when buying properties for their growing rental portfolio. With a track record in the industry for making offers on properties and beating competition with their ability to calculate their numbers in terms of returns for the long term.

Why not see what a reputable and local real estate investment company like the one Jake and Brian runs calculate their numbers on a property and see what they can pay for it today! Doesn’t that sound better than playing games with a real estate agent who isn’t as familiar with industry leading investment strategies that might actually make more sense to a homeowner than trying to sell traditionally?

Selling a property traditionally makes sense for a lot of people. It makes sense for someone who is willing to go on a 90 day, 120 day or even longer ride with an agent where the sale of their property isn’t even guaranteed to try and squeeze out a couple extra bucks on the sale. In a lot of areas there are more creative ways to structure buying a house than the old “let’s list this and see what comes along” idea. Homeowners owe it to themselves to know what an investment company can offer on their property, end of story.

How much can i sell my house for as-is?
We’re Jake & Brian The Freedom Path Investors, together with our combined experience and unique abilities we are confident we can provide you a solution that works!

Reach out to their team today and be assured you are in good hands!

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“Should we put any money in to the house before we see what we sell it for”?

A common debate among homeowners going through their internal pre selling checklists

A lot of home owners are in the dark when it comes to selling a property. Some of the questions that arise carry serious weight on the shoulders of prospective home sellers. These can range from things like, “should we do some of the repairs? Should we update that kitchen? Should we call that real estate agent who keeps sending us emails about this being the best time to sell our house?” The decisions made during this decision making process can have drastic impact on the future for those selling a home.

Leaving money on the table is ALWAYS a fear when making big life decisions, especially when there is a property involved. The solution to this fear is to weigh the options that are available. When selling a piece of property those options may be more than the average person may be aware of. A lot of homeowners have no idea how much updating that kitchen would actually cost and don’t have the skill set to do the work themselves. If you do, go for it! Who doesn’t love a good D.I.Yer!

If ripping out heavy cabinets and updating plumbing that needs permits in some cases to even touch doesn’t strike your fancy the next logical step would be to get quotes of what a professional contracting company would charge. This takes time and patience as finding a reputable contracting company can feel like a hiring process all it itself. Let’s say then you find one that gives you a quote for that kitchen at a price you don’t like (too high) and then they tell you something along the lines of “hey this will be 3 months before we can have this job completed. There goes precious time in your selling decision making process! Repeat this process for all major repairs needed on a property for example, foundation estimates, landscaping, roof and gutters and the list goes on.

Now ask yourself a question…

“Who can come and bid the entire rehab project all in one appointment”?

The answer is…

Real Estate investment companies. They bid complete rehab projects to budget their own bids and offers on properties every single day and are industry experts when it comes to material costs and labor to get the job done. Use their industry expertise to save time and countless phone calls for multiple companies to come out and bid all the jobs you need done a property. The beautiful thing about real estate investment companies is they not only bid the rehab projects for you, they will make you an offer on the property exactly the way it sits with No repairs due from the homeowner.

If this sounds like a better home selling experience already the smart thing to do is to check into a local real estate investment company, or multiple and have them do the heavy lifting for you. The worse thing that can happen is you make a more informed decision on how to go about selling your property.

Striving to provide the easiest and most simple solution for home owners facing a decision of selling in Philadelphia without a doubt is the team at Brotherly Love Real Estate.

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Real Estate TOP 100


If you own investment property of any kind there are some highly recommenced blogs to follow in the investment world. Some of the TOP influencers and content out there is all in one place for your consumption on

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Real estate investing is full of information and sometimes it can be hard to sort through the madness. One of the top spots to find a one stop shop for the top 100 real estate investment blogs with their websites and contact information can be found at

Sit back and block out some time and read some of the content these TOP real estate investment blogs/companies put out every single day!

home buying tips

Home Buying Tips

Buying a home can be challenging. We are here to share some of the top tips when you are on the search for your new home!

  1. Get a reputable real estate agent to help guide you in your decisions.
  2. Get pre-approved. You do not want to find your dream home and not be able to make an offer on it!
  3. Choose your desired location before starting your search!
  4. Decide your budget before your search begins.
  5. Take your time and research neighborhoods first!
  6. Check out for cool stats!
  7. Enjoy the process and relax!