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We are professional local house buyers here in the Greater St. Louis area serious about buying your house. It is our mission to bring value, and achieve a win-win solution for both. We promise to provide you with a fair offer, work fast or on your timeline, and provide 100% transparency through the process.  If you need to sell your house fast for cash, then look no further!
– Jake & Brian, Freedom Path Investors

Owners of Freedom Path Investors Brian and Jake have beamed into the limelight in the St. Louis real estate market! This power team has crafted a calculated and repeatable process when buying properties for their growing rental portfolio. With a track record in the industry for making offers on properties and beating competition with their ability to calculate their numbers in terms of returns for the long term.

Why not see what a reputable and local real estate investment company like the one Jake and Brian runs calculate their numbers on a property and see what they can pay for it today! Doesn’t that sound better than playing games with a real estate agent who isn’t as familiar with industry leading investment strategies that might actually make more sense to a homeowner than trying to sell traditionally?

Selling a property traditionally makes sense for a lot of people. It makes sense for someone who is willing to go on a 90 day, 120 day or even longer ride with an agent where the sale of their property isn’t even guaranteed to try and squeeze out a couple extra bucks on the sale. In a lot of areas there are more creative ways to structure buying a house than the old “let’s list this and see what comes along” idea. Homeowners owe it to themselves to know what an investment company can offer on their property, end of story.

How much can i sell my house for as-is?
We’re Jake & Brian The Freedom Path Investors, together with our combined experience and unique abilities we are confident we can provide you a solution that works!

Reach out to their team today and be assured you are in good hands!

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The Best Philadelphia Home Buyers

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“Should we put any money in to the house before we see what we sell it for”?

A common debate among homeowners going through their internal pre selling checklists

A lot of home owners are in the dark when it comes to selling a property. Some of the questions that arise carry serious weight on the shoulders of prospective home sellers. These can range from things like, “should we do some of the repairs? Should we update that kitchen? Should we call that real estate agent who keeps sending us emails about this being the best time to sell our house?” The decisions made during this decision making process can have drastic impact on the future for those selling a home.

Leaving money on the table is ALWAYS a fear when making big life decisions, especially when there is a property involved. The solution to this fear is to weigh the options that are available. When selling a piece of property those options may be more than the average person may be aware of. A lot of homeowners have no idea how much updating that kitchen would actually cost and don’t have the skill set to do the work themselves. If you do, go for it! Who doesn’t love a good D.I.Yer!

If ripping out heavy cabinets and updating plumbing that needs permits in some cases to even touch doesn’t strike your fancy the next logical step would be to get quotes of what a professional contracting company would charge. This takes time and patience as finding a reputable contracting company can feel like a hiring process all it itself. Let’s say then you find one that gives you a quote for that kitchen at a price you don’t like (too high) and then they tell you something along the lines of “hey this will be 3 months before we can have this job completed. There goes precious time in your selling decision making process! Repeat this process for all major repairs needed on a property for example, foundation estimates, landscaping, roof and gutters and the list goes on.

Now ask yourself a question…

“Who can come and bid the entire rehab project all in one appointment”?

The answer is…

Real Estate investment companies. They bid complete rehab projects to budget their own bids and offers on properties every single day and are industry experts when it comes to material costs and labor to get the job done. Use their industry expertise to save time and countless phone calls for multiple companies to come out and bid all the jobs you need done a property. The beautiful thing about real estate investment companies is they not only bid the rehab projects for you, they will make you an offer on the property exactly the way it sits with No repairs due from the homeowner.

If this sounds like a better home selling experience already the smart thing to do is to check into a local real estate investment company, or multiple and have them do the heavy lifting for you. The worse thing that can happen is you make a more informed decision on how to go about selling your property.

Striving to provide the easiest and most simple solution for home owners facing a decision of selling in Philadelphia without a doubt is the team at Brotherly Love Real Estate.

Selling a house AS-IS in Greenville S.C.


Home repairs can cost a fortune and sometimes not make sense for a homeowner to take down the projects themselves. What are the other options on the table? The average Real Estate Investment company buys properties at fair prices that can easily make more sense to a seller than it would be to entertain even going down the dark hole of getting bids/quotes and scope of work to fix up a house themselves before selling it.

Selling a property AS-IS happens every single day across the country. Investors know how to evaluate a property in minutes with their teams and can provide a value in this process being a quick easier solution!

Finding a reputable Real Estate investment company can be confusing. There are so many of them out and sometimes they are misunderstood because they work in a way homeowners aren’t used to. Which is good! They ask different questions that traditional real estate agents don’t concern themselves with and are also equipped to pay cash and close in days not months!

One of the top Real Estate Investment companies in Greenville South Carolina is Their team really knows how to take care of the clients they buy houses from before, during and after the process. They really go above and beyond to make sure everything gets done in the fastest, simplest order and with Integrity at the core of their values as a company!

Rehabbing houses
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Selling a house as is 
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Some of the zip codes that the team at M & T Restoration commonly buys in across South Carolina,

29601 29603 29605 29607 29611 29614 29616 29602 29604 29606 29609 29612 29615

First Time Home Buying No No’s


Home buying can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you’ll ever experience, however it can also be one the most stressful processes to experience. Here are just some of the top first time home buying mistakes that can easily creep up on you before, during or even after closing on that first home.

  1. Overpaying for the home or not doing property market research before shopping or letting a pesky agent who claims to be your friend talk to you into a higher offer so you beat competition.
  2. Not working with a trusted brokerage or real estate agent. Remember they have your interests in mind but also need to make a living by selling homes. Never forget that they make more money when you spend more on a house.
  3. You can try to negotiate commission terms before signing with an agent.
  4. Prepare to get loan terms from 2 or more local lenders and compare them against one another. This can save you a fortune over time with just making this decision.
  5. Make sure you read the listing agreement and are ok with the terms (or have a friend or another agent review it, the good agents will be happy to do so).
  6. Not having at least 20% down of the purchase price. Whether you are prequalified for 100k loan or a 500k loan you need to have 20% down. This should be how you base your buying power (over all loan amount from).
  7. Jumping on low interest rates or a prequalifying loan advertisement when you aren’t 100% ready to start shopping, buyer beware. Once you open that door and make that call you might already be sold on a home you weren’t ready to buy just yet. Really take time and sit back and take the pressure off.
  8. Not seeking advice or direction from family or trusted friends before hand.
  9. Not making a list of requirements ahead of time (back yard for the dogs, no basement, certain neighborhoods you don’t like etc.). The list goes on and on with this, find what works for what you need don’t “make it work” because you are anxious to buy.
  10. This one should be more obvious but unfortunately it isn’t. Be aware of your credit score and your over all DTI (debt to income) ratio. Lenders want that calculation to be as lean as possible when pre approving for a home loan.
  11. Get creative, if you have handyman skills or are looking to slowly take down a fun new project and aren’t afraid of some work ahead of you, there are listings for sale all of the time that come with built in equity that are looking for the right handyman to purchase and make their own.
  12. Think about the future, if you are child that will be needing a specific school district in 5 years, don’t bother buying a house outside that desired school zone. Honestly if you can afford it yet and are going to make the move to that region in 5 years, wait to buy.
  13. Look for lease to own (rent to own) properties if you get shot down by a requirement from a lender. Lease to own properties are always great ways to get into the same house/ area with a fraction of the money up front.
As-Is Home selling

Selling your house WITHOUT inspections


Selling a home with known repairs and headaches can be a nightmare. Things aren’t always what they appear at times and not having a broad range of contracting knowledge can make the task even more daunting, but WAIT theres hope!

Before calling your local real estate agent and getting locked into lengthy selling process, you owe it yourself to weigh all of the options on the table. There are countless Real Estate investment companies in every single city who buy and sell homes in 100% as-is condition without any pesky inspection rider paperwork.

Inspections not only slow down the buying and selling process of a home but many times there is absolutely no reason to have them when selling a home that is need of repairs or grandma/grandpas house that hasn’t been updated since 1955.

Trading equity for speed and convenience is the mutual understanding with these sales from buyer and seller. Both parties agree there is a substantial amount of work that is ahead for the new owner of a property that is being sold as-is and simply run a repair/rehab budget on the property itself as well as what the property can expect to sell for in the current market conditions. Those will change over time thus will an investing companies offers they make. Some companies will put a 3 day timeline on an offer they present to a seller in order to protect both parties in the event of a new property closing in the area or a sudden market change that can happen for number of reasons.

As-Is means As-is. Selling a property in as-is condition means it is to be sold as seen on whatever day the offer to buy it was made. Many homeowners think they need to get their own dumpsters and start cleaning out all their old junk or items that are scattered through out the property. That is not the case for most real estate investment companies. These companies expect there to be items left behind and often partner with local estate sale companies and junk removal companies to handle the items left behind. Sometimes there are only a few bigger items left behind, other times these as-is properties have been full to the ceilings with years with stuff. Either situation is understood when assuming a property condition when buying as-is condition.

Inspection’s often cost an average of $400.00 depending on the company who does it and takes several hours to complete. Not to mention there will be a waiting period before they come out. Once inspected, depending on what the inspection reveals you may be legally obligated to disclose parts of the inspection to the potential buyer. Inspections aren’t a one size fits all. Just like appraisals, inspections are subject to the experience level of the company/inspector conducting the inspection and they aren’t all the same. Some times they miss things and other times they may be over critical of things that aren’t of concern. Just keep that in mind if you go the inspection route.

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Real Estate TOP 100


If you own investment property of any kind there are some highly recommenced blogs to follow in the investment world. Some of the TOP influencers and content out there is all in one place for your consumption on

Imagine being able to land your content and blogs right into Influencer bloggers email inboxes. That is the the power of Feedspot!

Real estate investing is full of information and sometimes it can be hard to sort through the madness. One of the top spots to find a one stop shop for the top 100 real estate investment blogs with their websites and contact information can be found at

Sit back and block out some time and read some of the content these TOP real estate investment blogs/companies put out every single day!

for sale by owner

Person to Person home selling


“Off Market” is a term thrown around in the offices of investment companies everyday. In laymen’s terms it just means to sell a property someone owns in their own name to another person or company without listing “On Market” with a real estate agent.

A lot of people don’t realize you can even do this while others would never consider selling on the market because they hate paying money to real estate agents. Regardless what bucket you fall into here are some things to expect when selling your home directly to another person/company.

Set a day where you can show the property to who you are wanting to sell it to and let them do their due diligence inspecting everything they need to know in order to crunch the numbers for what they can pay for the property. Be open and honest with everything and get to the finish line faster with little to no post contract inspections!

Agree on the terms and price of the offer and sign a purchase contract of some kind with the person who is buying the property. The buyer will turn that contract into a local title company/attorney for review. (There are fees and a little wait time with this part of the process). They title company/attorney jobs are to contact any and all lien holders on a property (any one who is owed money from the sale of a property). Determining the owners of the property if there are more than one, sort out trusts and how the proceeds from the sale are to be disbursed upon closing.

Once they have completed their title review and both the seller and the buyers have satisfied all needed materials for the sale of the property all both parties need to do is show up on the day of closing to sign all required paperwork and drop off the keys (if there are any) for the new owners to have.

You can sell a property with or without tenants or people living in it as long as the new owner agrees and it works for both parties! Sometimes those can be real win win situations and sometimes it can be a hassle to build a new relationship with tenants who live in a property that was just sold from under them. Regardless of the occupancy of the property you have the right to sell and keep any and all leases in place to transfer to the new owner of the property.

Real estate doesn’t have to be a complicated animal, although it can feel like that sometimes which keeps people from moving forward on making important decisions sometimes but it doesn’t have to be like that!


Get your MONEY up to 60 days faster!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about selling a house you own? Call the local real estate agent right?!

Everyone has a “friend” jumping at the bit to try to over value and ultimately over ask on the market for a property. They all say they have your best interests in mind, but when we get down to it they want a bigger commission check and are willing to string out the selling process as long as the owner is on board with playing the game as long as it takes to squeeze out a few extra commission dollars.

If buying lottery tickets or hitting the slots is your thing and are willing to gamble with inspections and costly appraisals and repairs before you can sell then maybe listing with an agent traditionally is the logical decision for you.


Selling to a trusted local real estate investment company that ensures a quick seem less CASH closing in days or weeks rather than months or years than this is for you! For one example! They are a St. Louis Missouri based real estate investment company that has been buying investment property for Cash on these quick timelines for years.

They, along with many other trusted Real estate investment companies know that todays world is fast changing and are here to be an immediate solution for homeowners looking to sell a property.

Selling a home for cash means what …..?

Close and get YOUR MONEY in 7 days not 7 months.

Selling to a Cash home buyer is the absolute simplest and fastest way to sell a property bar none! Listing and selling on the market traditionally has an average DOM ( Days on Market) of 45-60 day closings even if an offer is accepted the first day it goes live on the market! Think about that! Even if you accept an offer day 1 there are several inspections to be done ( depending on loan types from the bank) and bank appraisals that have to happen in order for a lender to say “ok this is ok” to an offer you are more than ok with accepting. Imagine a world where you show your property one time to a cash buyer who is excited at what work is ahead on the property rather than beating you up with inspections and contingencies like most offers backed by a lender you’ll never meet.

How do I work with a local Real Estate Investment company?

You call the investment company, they look into the property 1 time, both parties agree on a price and you pick what day you want to pick up your check from the title company. Or have it wired right to you and never leave your house! Real estate Investment companies usually cover all the “random” fees that just take away from your final take home amount. Cash buyers want you (the homeowner) to know how much money to the penny to expect! Reducing stress along the way!

If you have ever listed a property before that you have lived in and had to leave for every single showing you know how redundant and annoying this process can feel. YUCK! Show it once, negotiate once, accept one offer and save months or even years worth of stress from your life! Selling to a cash buying real estate investment company is POWERFUL!


Along with the traditional mindset of calling the trusted local Real estate agent, most homeowners believe they are up against the all mighty “to do list” with repairs on their property before trying to sell it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Real estate investment companies know exactly what repairs are needed and aren’t needed in order to rehab any property. Trust the experts who want to help rehab that 1960’s kitchen rather than a local hardware store contractor that needs to maximize this job to make the most money on rehabbing that same kitchen. Rethink this before thinking about selling! Call a local real estate investment company to come out and do a repair budget on your home before you ever call an agent if you are unsure. You owe it to yourself and your home to know all the options out there!

Should you call a cash buyer? Or should you call that family friend who thinks they can hustle their way to a bigger commission check at your expense? The decision is yours and that is ok! Real estate investment companies are here and ready to help reduce the stress of unsure sales, back and forth negotiations, all the red tape between you and your desired result.